Saturday, February 21, 2009

Playing Big brother

Rahul has a cousin sister who is very small around 2 years old. Rahul likes her very much, as he was the big brother. Rahul thought he will tell her a story; but since she was very little, he knew, she won't understand. So he decided to take pictures of all the characters, do like puppet show. He took a picture of fox, grape vine, showed fox jumping many times, could not reach for grapes, so went away feeling disappointed. Rahuls cousin sister enjoyed when Rahul told this story.

Sharing stories

Rahul was feeling bored in class, he could not focus or concentrate what the teacher was teaching. He took a notebook, scribbled in one paper. He came home, shared it with his parents how he felt in the class, what he did. When Rahul was 10 years old, he would not share anything about class to his parents, but now Rahul shares, owns up whatever he does to his parents, his parents feel very happy when Rahul owns up;  Rahul also felt good sharing. 

Going shopping for the family

One day Rahuls mom asked Rahul to buy some vegetable from the shop near by, He has never been to shop alone, he was little anxious about going alone. Rahul took his mobile phone, his mom asked him to call once he reaches the shop. Rahul watched for vehicles while crossing the road, reached the shop, called his mom and informed that he reached the shop. He bought 1 kg of potato, onion, tomato each. Shopkeeper asked him to pay Rs.50. Rahul gave Rs.50, came home carefully. Evening he proudly shared with his dad that he bought vegetables from the shop independently.

Taking care

Rahul likes when his grand parents visit to stay with him, Rahul knows that his grandparents are old, they take medicine after meals for their well being. Rahul every day gave them their medicine after each meal. Their grand parents felt very happy and proud how Rahul is become a caring and responsible boy.


Rahul went to shop to buy a piece of cake. Rahul took Rs.10, he went to shop and enquired about the cost of his fav. strawberry cake. The shopkeeper said, "it cost Rs.7/-" Rahul gave ten rupees and got three rupees as change. He came home shared the cake with his parents during dinner.

Being Safe !

This had happened a long time ago, when Rahul was 10 - he was recollecting this with his mother. Rahuls mom was working in computer, dad gone to office, Rahul heard the bell ring. Rahul was wondering who could it be, went saw throghh the eye hole, "Suprise!!! Dad had come home early.!!!". He felt very happy and opened the door for his Dad. Rahul expressed that he felt very happy when he checked thro the eye hole.

PS: DS asked why cant I open the door for other people? why only for family members? What age can I open the door for others? Will patti (DW's Mom) too tell you not to open the door when no one is there?


Rahul and his friend Ramu decided to make greeting card for their teacher together. Both took a white paper, folded it. They then took colour papers. Rahul said "We could draw stars in different colour paper, cut and stick them.", Ramu said," we could just cut tiny pieces of colour papers and stick it." So they cut stars, tiny pieces of different colours, applied glue and stuck those designs all over the white paper. Rahul stuck a picture of their class. Ramu  put a boder around the photo. 

They both wrote "We enjoy your class. Happy teacher day." and signed their names.

Plant Life !

Rahul just came back from school, had his snacks, the phone rang. Rahul answered the phone,"Hello.." On the other end,"Hello Rahul, I am Ganesh uncle. how are you?" Rahul said, "It is long time since I saw, how are you ?" Ganesh uncle: "I am coming home evening at 6.30pm, can you let your parents know?." Rahul was very excited and happy, He informed his parents,cooked some french fries, was eagerly waiting. When Ganesh Uncle came, he greeted him, gave him water, french fries, shared with him all the good things. Rahul took Ganesh uncle to the garden to show his plants.
Ganesh uncle asked "Rahul, Is plants are living things or non living things?" Rahul said "living things.." Ganesh uncle said " Plants too have feelings like us - A Scientist named, Jagdish Chandra Bose proved that plants/trees are sesitive have feelings by using resonate recorder." 

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rahuls unique special creations

Rahuls was eating dinner with his family and cousins who had come after a long time. They were all talking about what they used to do when they were small, having fun. Rahul used to feel shy when he was 10 years old, whenever some one tells, you used to call your shorts as "Vicks shots" because it was blue and green; red-blue table as "Indian Oil" (the Petroloeum Company) table. Rahul now feels proud about what he did or said when he was small, because those were his unique special creations. No one could have talked or did those things in the way he did it. Everyone have these own unique special creations which we keep talking about.

Rahul gets lost

Rahul went with his parents to an exhibition, which was very crowded. He lost his parents. Rahul was worried, wondering what to do? Rahul was looking around, he saw an old man who looked like his grand father talking in his mobile. Rahul approached and expressed his worries, his words came out fast like express train. The old man said, "I did not understand what you are telling." Rahul took a deep breath couple of times and told slowly, "I lost my parents in this exhibition, Can you please call him at 23338429?" The old man gave the phone to Rahul, then he call his Dad. Dads voice was worried too. Dad said, "Could you describe the place where you are?" Rahul said, "I am standing in front of the Giant wheel, left to me is popcorn shop is there." Rahul dad said,"Please wait there for 10 mins patiently. I will come." After 10mins when Rahuls dad came, Rahul was very happy. Rahuls dad thanked the oldman for helping Rahul.