Saturday, February 21, 2009

Plant Life !

Rahul just came back from school, had his snacks, the phone rang. Rahul answered the phone,"Hello.." On the other end,"Hello Rahul, I am Ganesh uncle. how are you?" Rahul said, "It is long time since I saw, how are you ?" Ganesh uncle: "I am coming home evening at 6.30pm, can you let your parents know?." Rahul was very excited and happy, He informed his parents,cooked some french fries, was eagerly waiting. When Ganesh Uncle came, he greeted him, gave him water, french fries, shared with him all the good things. Rahul took Ganesh uncle to the garden to show his plants.
Ganesh uncle asked "Rahul, Is plants are living things or non living things?" Rahul said "living things.." Ganesh uncle said " Plants too have feelings like us - A Scientist named, Jagdish Chandra Bose proved that plants/trees are sesitive have feelings by using resonate recorder." 

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