Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rahul gets lost

Rahul went with his parents to an exhibition, which was very crowded. He lost his parents. Rahul was worried, wondering what to do? Rahul was looking around, he saw an old man who looked like his grand father talking in his mobile. Rahul approached and expressed his worries, his words came out fast like express train. The old man said, "I did not understand what you are telling." Rahul took a deep breath couple of times and told slowly, "I lost my parents in this exhibition, Can you please call him at 23338429?" The old man gave the phone to Rahul, then he call his Dad. Dads voice was worried too. Dad said, "Could you describe the place where you are?" Rahul said, "I am standing in front of the Giant wheel, left to me is popcorn shop is there." Rahul dad said,"Please wait there for 10 mins patiently. I will come." After 10mins when Rahuls dad came, Rahul was very happy. Rahuls dad thanked the oldman for helping Rahul.

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