Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rahul thinks about Seeds Dispersal

Rahul was sitting near the brook by his house -  he was feeling nice and peaceful; He had brought a book to read with him. He could hear the water flow by the brook and a birds chirping. He was letting his mind wander about what he learned at class a couple of days ago.
He liked what the teacher taught about the plant life - the various aspects of it - and specifically was interested about the seed dispersal.
He looked at a plant by the brook and posed a question to it, "How did you get here ?"
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He smiled to himself; he recalled what his teacher taught in the school - the seed could have gotten here by wind, or carried by a bird, or stuck to a person shirt and carried over to this place. There were many possibilities.
He then looked around decided it didn't matter how the seed got there; the plant was green and its flowers colorful.
The seed had gone through a germination process and had transformed itself into a plant. Now it has flowered and looking at on the side of the brook, moulding itself calmed him.

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