Monday, November 17, 2008

Interesting Life Sciences class (Seeds dispersal)

Rahul was in the class waiting for the teacher to come in; The teacher came in a bit late and announced that the class would be different; She would show a video of on plants. Specifically on pollination and how seeds travel. Rahul liked and enjoyed travel - he was already making guesses within his head on how seeds will go from on place to another - will someone pack in a box transport those boxes by trucks/ships/aeroplane. He was excited and curious to know how the seeds will travel. 

His teacher switched on the video, projected on the wall.
There were several beautiful yellow and orange coloured cosmos plants in a garden inside thick woods, the flowers on the stem were in different stages - one as a bud, other blooming, the third on was wilted and dry; and the fourth one was dry long thin black seeds. In the picture, suddenly the wind speed picked up and it was blowing hard, the seeds were carried by the wind, some seeds fell on the ground a bit away from the plant, some seeds fell on the brook which was near by; the seeds were carried by the water. After some distance some seeds slowly settled on the sides of the brook. Rahul saw few monkeys came to the brook, drank water in the brook, played in the water by splashing and diving. Rahul notices that one seed getting stuck on monkeys hairy skin. Monekys walked away from the brook, there were looking for some food, they shook their body as they were walking, the seeds stuck on their skin fell down to the ground. He also saw the monkey jump up the tree,  plucked mangoes ate the mangoes threw the seeds down, some of the monkey threw the mango seeds far away.
Rahul slearnt the seeds go from one place to another by other ways, not by vehicles, as he does.

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