Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Japanese lady - Origami

Rahul's class had a special visitor today - there was an old Japanese lady who visited his class. There was this helper from the school office behind her, carrying a lot of paper, tapes and few scissors and a small knife. Quietly she asked the helper to set the paper down and then took a sheet of paper and scissors and let it run wild on the paper - there was a flurry of cuts, tucks, folds, unfolds and at the end of it, when she unfolded the paper, it was a beautiful design that Rahul ever saw. Rahul loved cutting papers, but this was wonderful. The lady then told the word "Kirigami". Then she tool another sheaf of paper and started folding them - she did very little cuts this time with the scissors, but seemed to use it just to make some fine adjustments... But as her hands played fast and at the end of the flurry of hands, there was  beautiful peacock in her hand - the lady said this was "Origami". Rahul looked at it with great suprise - it was unexpected, but he did not feel anxious, but he was feeling thrilled about it - he felt like it was the time, he went on the race-car with his father.

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